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Cookie Policy


Spijker B.V. uses various cookies to ensure that the website functions optimally. These cookies are set up in such a way as to make your browsing experience as privacy-friendly as possible. For specific privacy-related issues, check out our privacy policy. This cookie policy outlines the cookies we use and what they do.


Google Analytics
The cookies from Google help us to gain insight in how visitors use the website. The information acquired through these cookies is anonymized as much as possible. This ensures that a specific set of information cannot be traced back to a specific individual.

Facebook Pixel
Facebook’s cookies gather roughly the same information as Google’s cookies, with similar purposes. Aside from that, these cookies are used to build an ‘audience’ on Facebook and help us show more relevant ads.

Other supporting cookies
The website has the option to log in so users can easily and repeatedly request a quote for a mobile wall with the same account (this is especially useful for some of the contractors we work with on a regular basis). Cookies are helpful in this case, because they enable login information to be saved between sessions.


In order to analyze the website properly, we have to be able to count unique visitors. There are various ways in which this can be achieved that still safeguard the visitor’s privacy. Our website analysis makes use of the following information:

  • City and country (based on the IP-address)
  • Operating system (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Browser type (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)
  • Visited pages (time and duration)
  • Utilized links to and from our website (which links brought you to our website and which links did you use on the website itself?)
  • General information such as monitor display settings and internet speed (to ensure that the website is shown properly on either a desktop or phone and functions optimally)


Our cookies has been set up in a way to either not collect IP-addresses, or to partially anonymize it so the IP-address cannot be traced back to a specific device.

For more information regarding privacy, you can also read our privacy policy aside from this cookie policy.


If you prefer that we (or any other website) do not place any cookies on your device, then we recommend that you enable the “Do Not Track” function of your browser. You can also set up your browser’s cookie settings on your own, so that you will know exactly what your browser does with cookies. For an easy explanation with manuals per browser type, please visit: (in Dutch).