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Glass Partition Spirit

GLASS PARTITION SPIRITIS LIGHT AND SLIM Glass partition Spirit is extra slim and provides an elegant, stylish addition to any space. The thin design helps to retain light and guarantees an open atmosphere, even in an enclosed space. SPIRIT is our luxurious, aesthetic glass partition and is often used in, for example, offices or stores.…
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Glass Wall TransSpace

GLASS WALL TRANSSPACE:A LIGHT, QUIET SPACE Glass wall TRANSSPACE combines the sound dampening functionality of an operable wall with the stylish, open design of a glass partition. With TRANSSPACE you can create a quiet, separate work space that is still connected to everything outside of that room. These glass walls maintain an open atmosphere in…
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Operable Wall Space

OPERABLE WALL SPACEIS ABOUT IMPACT Operable wall SPACE is soundproof, fire retardant, and available in every conceivable finish. This creates a movable wall with a beautiful, custom appearance. Operable wall SPACE has scored exceptionally well in tests and provides more efficiency, a flexible layout, and energy savings. Ideal for your office, restaurant, meeting room, church…
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